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Spring 2022 (Mode WW and DL)
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Link Subj Cat # Course Title
AAAS 3222 Asian Indian Women: Activism and Social Change in India and the United States
ACCT 2001 Principles of Financial Accounting
ACCT 2101 Principles of Managerial Accounting
ACCT 4203 Advanced Accounting
ACCT 5124 Financial Reporting II
ACCT 5260 Federal Income Taxation
ACCT 5505 Understanding the Responsibilities of an Accounting Professional
ACCT 5532 Contemporary Issues in Financial Reporting and Analysis
ACCT 5533 Contemporary Managerial Accounting Issues
ACCT 5543 Advanced Assurance Services
ACCT 5546 Forensic Accounting and Fraud Examination
ACCT 5555 Data Analytics: Accounting Applications
ACCT 5571 Taxation of Business Entities
ACCT 5575 Taxes and Business Strategy
ACCT 5582 Research for Accounting Professionals
ACCT 5894 Special Topics in Accounting
AH 2001 Medical Terminology
AH 3173 Psychology of Workplace Safety
AH 3278 Worker's Compensation
AH 3570 Health and Safety Management in the Workplace
AH 3574 Ergonomics
AH 4239 Research Methods in Allied Health
AH 4241 Research for the Health Professional
AH 4244 Management for the Health Professional
AH 4501 International Health
AH 5005 Biostatistics for Health Professions
AH 5720 Theory and Practice of Clinical Genomics
AMES 5101 Engineering Analysis
AMST 2400 City and Community in Film
ANTH 2000W Social Anthropology
ARAB 1002 Elementary Arabic II
ARAB 1771 Modern Arabic Culture
ART 2410 Basic Studio, Photography
ARTH 1140 Introduction to Asian Art
ARTH 3330 Art of the Northern Renaissance
ASLN 1104 Intermediate American Sign Language II
ASLN 3254 Women and Gender in the Deaf World
ASLN 3306W Advanced American Sign Language Level II
BADM 2710 Principles of Managerial Accounting
BADM 3103 Business Information Systems
BADM 3104 Operations Management
BADM 3234 Opportunity Generation, Assessment, and Promotion
BADM 3452 Professional Selling
BADM 3661 Marketing and Digital Analytics
BADM 3665 Digital Marketing
BADM 3720 The Legal and Ethical Environment of Business
BADM 3750 Introduction to Marketing Management
BADM 3757 Strategic Brand Management
BADM 3804 Data Visualization
BADM 4895 Special Topics
BADM 5103 Statistics and Spreadsheet Modeling
BADM 5894 Special Topics
BASC 5333 Research Methods for Social Work Practice
BASC 5350 Analysis of Social Welfare Policy and Social Service Delivery Systems
BLAW 3175 The Legal and Ethical Environment of Business
BLAW 3277 Law and Ethics for Professional Accountants
BLAW 5175 Business, Law, and Ethics in Modern Society
BLAW 5750 Ethics and Compliance in the Global Organization
BME 5040 Medical Instrumentation in the Hospital
BME 5060 Clinical Engineering Rotations I
BME 5061 Clinical Engineering Rotations II
BME 5080 Medical Device Cybersecurity
BME 5320 Biosensors and Nanodevices for Biomedical Applications
BME 5500 Clinical Instrumentation Systems
BME 6086 Special Topics In Biomedical Engineering
BME 6094 BME Graduate Seminar
BME 6810 Machine Learning Methods for Biomedical Signal Analysis
BUSN 1801 Contemporary Issues in the World of Business
BUSN 3002W Effective Business Writing
BUSN 3003W Business Communications
BUSN 3005 Career Development in Business
CAMS 1102 Roman Civilization
CAMS 1103 Classical Mythology
CAMS 1122 Elementary Latin II
CAMS 1172 Intensive Intermediate Ancient Greek
CAMS 3242W Greek and Roman Drama
CAMS 3245 Ancient World in Cinema
CAMS 3330 Palestine Under the Greeks and Romans
CE 2411 Introduction to Computer Aided Design
CE 5166 Finite Element Methods in Applied Mechanics II
CE 5383 Design of Bridges for Extreme Events
CE 5610 Advanced Reinforced Concrete Structures
CHEG 5330 Applied Machine Learning in Chemical Engineering
CHEG 5339 Uncertainty Analysis, Robust Design, and Optimization
CHEG 5394 Seminar
CHIN 1122 Modern Chinese Culture
CHIN 3211 Chinese Composition and Conversation II
COMM 1100 Principles of Public Speaking
COMM 2100 Professional Communication
COMM 2200 Interpersonal Communication
COMM 2300 Effects of Mass Media
COMM 2600 Media in the Information Age
COMM 3310 Media Literacy and Criticism
COMM 3320 Media and Diverse Audiences
COMM 3322 Soap Opera/Telenovela
COMM 3498 Variable Topics in Specialized Communication
COMM 3600 New Communication Technologies
COMM 4200 Advanced Interpersonal Communication
COMM 4300W Advanced Media Effects
COMM 4981 Internship in Communication
CSE 1010 Introduction to Computing for Engineers
CSE 2301 Principles and Practice of Digital Logic Design
CSE 2500 Introduction to Discrete Systems
CSE 3400 Introduction to Computer and Network Security
CSE 4502 Big Data Analytics
CSE 4820 Introduction to Machine Learning
CSE 5050 Algorithms and Complexity
CSE 5309 Networked Embedded Systems
CSE 5713 Data Mining
CSE 5717 Big Data Analytics
CSE 5819 Introduction to Machine Learning
CSE 5835 Machine Learning for Physical Sciences and Systems
CSE 5850 Introduction to Cyber-Security
DMD 1060 Fundamentals of Programming for Game, Web, and Interactive Media Design
DMD 2230 3D Motion I
DMD 3035 Interaction Design
DMD 3200 Motion Design and Animation II
DMD 3470 Advanced Web Design and Development
DMD 3730 Digital Consumer Behavior
DMD 3840 Creative Producing for Independent Film
DMD 3998 Variable Topics
DMD 4310 3D Rigging
DMD 5035 Interaction Design
DMD 5315 Character Rigging
DMD 5470 Advanced Web Design and Development
DMD 5720 Digital Media Analytics
DMD 5730 Digital Consumer Behavior
DMD 5998 Variable Topics
DRAM 1101 Introduction to the Theatre
DRAM 2134 Honors Core: Sports as Performance
DRAM 3139 Theatre and Human Rights
DRAM 5122 Fund Raising and Development for the Arts
DRAM 5123 Marketing the Arts
DRAM 5607 Advanced Materials Techniques
ECE 4900W Communicating Engineering Solutions in a Societal Context
ECE 5552 Communication Systems in Smart Grids
ECE 6141 Neural Networks for Classification and Optimization
ECE 6171 Mobile Robotics
ECON 2481 Internship Field Study
ECON 2491 Internship Research Paper
ECON 2491W Internship Research Paper
ECON 2500W Writing in Economics
ECON 3208 Game Theory
ECON 3461 Organization of Industry
ECON 6463 Economics of Organization
EDCI 5050 TCPCG Seminar I: Student Teaching Seminar
EDCI 5742 Sheltered English Instruction for English Language Learners
EDCI 5750 Language Diversity and Literacy
EDCI 5890 Educational Linguistics
EDLR 6001 Legal Issues in Student and Parent Rights
EEB 3244W Writing in Ecology
ENGL 1003 English for Non-Native Speakers
ENGL 1004 Introduction to Academic Writing
ENGL 1616W Major Works of English and American Literature
ENGL 2013W Introduction to Writing Studies
ENGL 2411 Popular Literature
ENGL 3003W Advanced Expository Writing
ENGL 3240E American Nature Writing
ENGL 3695 Special Topics
ENGL 3703 Writing Workshop
ENGL 4600W Advanced Study: Seminars in Literature
ENGR 3025 EDOC: Engineering for Impact
ENGR 5311 Professional Communication and Information Management
ENGR 5312 Engineering Project Planning and Management
ENGR 5314 Advanced Engineering Mathematics
ENGR 5315 MENG Capstone
ENVE 2411 Introduction to Computer Aided Design
ENVE 5210 Environmental Engineering Chemistry - I
ENVE 5821 Vadose Zone Hydrology
EPSY 3010 Educational Psychology
EPSY 3090 Field Study in Education
EPSY 5092 Practicum
EPSY 5094 Capstone in Secondary Transition
EPSY 5119 Policy, Law, and Ethics in Special Education
EPSY 5140 Transition Planning for Students with Disabilities
EPSY 5195 Workshop in Education
EPSY 5198 Curriculum Laboratory
EPSY 5199 Independent Study in Education
EPSY 5266 Instructional Media and Game Design
EPSY 5301 Group Processes in Counseling
EPSY 5306 Principles of Career Development in Counseling
EPSY 5310 Facilitating Career Development
EPSY 5314 Appraisal Procedures in Counseling
EPSY 5317 Field Work in Counseling and Personnel
EPSY 5319 School Counseling Internship
EPSY 5339 Assistive Technology for Curriculum Access
EPSY 5455 History and Systems of Psychology
EPSY 5510 Learning: Its Implication for Education
EPSY 5601 Principles and Methods in Educational Research
EPSY 5602 Educational Tests and Measurements
EPSY 5605 Quantitative Methods in Research I
EPSY 5607 Quantitative Methods in Research II
EPSY 5610 Applied Regression Analysis for the Education Sciences
EPSY 5710 Introduction to Gifted Education and Talent Development
EPSY 5760 Improving Students' Thinking Skills
EPSY 6304 The Psychology of Men and Boys In Counseling and Education
EPSY 6621 Program Evaluation
FNCE 3101 Financial Management
FNCE 4209 Applications in Financial Management
FNCE 4305 Global Financial Management
FNCE 4440 Financial Ethics
FNCE 4997W Senior Thesis in Finance
FNCE 5101 Financial Management
FNCE 5202 Investment and Security Analysis
FNCE 5205 Global Financial Management
FNCE 5409 Advanced Valuation and Portfolio Management
FNCE 5512 Fixed Income Instruments and Markets
FNCE 5532 Real Estate Investment and Portfolio Management
FREN 1101 Elementary French I
FREN 1102 Elementary French II
FREN 1103 Intermediate French I
FREN 1104 Intermediate French II
FREN 3215 Practical Translation
FREN 3218 Francophone Studies
FREN 3269 Advanced French Grammar
FREN 3270W French Literature and Civilization in English
FREN 3272 French Literary Theory
GEOG 2000 Globalization
GEOG 2410 New Digital Worlds of Geographic Information Science
GEOG 3512 Introduction to Spatial Data Science
GEOG 4001W Writing in Geography
GEOG 4090 Internship in Geography: Field Study
GEOG 4091 Internship in Geography: Seminar
GEOG 4096 Senior Thesis
GEOG 5500 Fundamentals of Geographic Information Science
GEOG 5510 Applications of Geographic Information Systems
GEOG 5512 Introduction to Spatial Data Science
GEOG 5520 GIS Modeling of the Urban Environment
GERM 1001 Elementary German I
GERM 3292 German Language Practicum
GRAD 5910 Responsible Conduct in Research
GRAD 5998 Continuous Registration (Master's)
GRAD 6003 Advanced Issues Teaching and Learning
GSCI 2310E Creating and Sustaining National Parks
HCMI 5243 Health Care Economics
HCMI 5686 Health Insurance and Risk Management
HDFS 1060 Close Relationships Across the Lifespan
HDFS 2001 Diversity Issues in Human Development and Family Sciences
HDFS 2004W Research Methods in Human Development and Family Sciences
HDFS 2200 Human Development: Adulthood and Aging
HDFS 3110 Social and Community Influence on Children in the United States
HDFS 3120 Introduction to Programs for Young Children
HDFS 3127 Professional Development and Advocacy in Early Childhood
HEJS 2301 Jewish Humor
HEJS 3330 Palestine Under the Greeks and Romans
HIST 1203 Women in History
HIST 1400 Modern Western Traditions
HIST 1502W U.S. History Since 1877
HIST 1600W Introduction to Latin America and the Caribbean
HIST 3098 Variable Topics
HIST 3101W History through Fiction
HIST 3204W Science and Social Issues in the Modern World
HIST 3330 Palestine Under the Greeks and Romans
HIST 3504 The American Revolution
HIST 3540WE Environmental History of the Americas
HIST 3575 Latinos/as and Human Rights
HIST 4994W Senior Seminar
HIST 5621 Topics in Latin American History
HLTH NC009 Clinical and IT Program Management
HLTH NC010 Health Care Informatics
HRTS 2200 Introduction to Genocide Studies
HRTS 3055 Theory and Practice of International Criminal Justice
HRTS 3139 Theatre and Human Rights
HRTS 3221 Latinos/as and Human Rights
HRTS 3573 Asian Indian Women: Activism and Social Change in India and the United States
HRTS 4291 Service Learning Seminar/Internship
HRTS 5055 Theory and Practice of International Criminal Justice
IGFP 5301 Practice with Individuals, Groups and Families
IGFP 5342 Clinical Conditions with Groups
IGFP 5345 Clinical Conditions with Children and Adolescents
IGFP 5346 Clinical Conditions with Adults and Older Adults
IMS 5301 Microstructural and Morphological Analyses
IMS 5304 Surface and Interfacial Analysis
ISG 5102 Clinical Applications of Genetic and Genomic Technologies
ISG 5103 Theories and Methods of Clinical Genetics
ISG 5200 Communication and Counseling Skills for Effective Health Care Conversations
ISG 5201 Cultural Awareness: Working with Diverse Populations in Health Care
KINS 5205 Clinical Immersion III
KINS 5508 Exercise Prescription for Individuals with Chronic Diseases and Health Conditions
LLAS 3221 Latinos/as and Human Rights
LLAS 3320 Media and Diverse Audiences
LLAS 3322 Soap Opera/Telenovela
LLAS 5100 Comparative Transnational Latin(o) American History
MARN 5995 Special Topics
MAST 1200 Introduction to Maritime Culture
MAST 1300E People and Society in the Maritime Environment
MATH 1030Q Elementary Discrete Mathematics
MATH 1070Q Mathematics for Business and Economics
MATH 1131Q Calculus I
MATH 1132Q Calculus II
MATH 2110Q Multivariable Calculus
MATH 2210Q Applied Linear Algebra
MATH 2410Q Elementary Differential Equations
MATH 3160 Probability
MATH 3637 Actuarial Statistical Modeling II
MATH 5671 Financial Data Mining and Big Data Analytics
MCB 3844W Microbiology and the Media
ME 3295 Special Topics in Mechanical Engineering
ME 5105 Basic Concepts of Continuum Mechanics
ME 5120 Advanced Thermo-Fluids I
ME 5180 Dynamics
ME 5311 Computational Fluid Dynamics
ME 5430 Mechanics of Composite Materials
ME 5702 Data Science for Materials and Manufacturing
ME 5895 Special Topics in Mechanical Engineering
MEDS 6413 Cancer Biology
MEDS 6497 Graduate Seminar
MFGE 5110 Advanced Manufacturing Quality Control
MGMT 3101 Managerial and Interpersonal Behavior
MGMT 3225 International Business
MGMT 3234 Opportunity Generation, Assessment, and Promotion
MGMT 3237 Managing Human Capital
MGMT 4895 Special Topics
MGMT 4900 Strategy, Policy and Planning
MGMT 4902 Strategic Analysis
MGMT 5138 Managing Organizations
MGMT 5335 Venture Planning, Management, and Growth
MGMT 5650 Interpersonal Relations, Influence, and Ethical Leadership
MGMT 5674 Negotiation Strategies
MGMT 5800 Strategy, Policy, and Planning
MKTG 3101 Introduction to Marketing Management
MKTG 3208 Consumer Behavior
MKTG 3260 Marketing Research
MKTG 3452 Professional Selling
MKTG 3661 Marketing and Digital Analytics
MKTG 3665 Digital Marketing
MKTG 3757 Strategic Brand Management
MKTG 4997W Senior Thesis in Marketing
MKTG 5115 Marketing Management
MKTG 5251 Marketing and Digital Analytics
MKTG 5665 Digital Marketing
MSE 2101 Materials Science and Engineering I
MSE 4005 Processing of Materials in the Liquid and Vapor State
MSE 5095 Special Topics in Materials Science and Engineering
MSE 5336 Material Selection in Mechanical Design
NRE 3146 Climatology
NRE 4370 Population Dynamics
NRE 4695 Special Topics
NRE 5200 Sustainable Natural Resources Management
NRE 5205 Decision Methods in Natural Resources
NRE 5210 Communications for Environmental Decision Makers
NRE 5215 Introduction to Geospatial Analysis with Remote Sensing
NRE 5220 Environmental Planning for Sustainable Communities and Regions
NRE 5535 Remote Sensing Image Processing
NRE 5830 Internship in Energy and Environmental Management
NRE 5850 Practicum in Energy and Environmental Management
NURS 3225 Ethical Ways of Knowing
NURS 4300 Clinical Science: Pharmacology and Pathophysiology
NURS 5000 Investigation of Special Topics
NURS 5002 Holistic Nursing Part 2: Advanced Concepts
NURS 5012 Nursing Science and Patterns of Knowing in Advanced Nursing Practice
NURS 5020 Statistical Methods in Health Sciences Research
NURS 5070 Advanced Pharmacodynamics and Implications for Nursing Actions
NURS 5103 Pharmacology of Pain and Analgesia
NURS 5104 Pain Assessment and Management
NURS 5106 Dementia Caregivers and Families
NURS 5111 Healthcare Innovation Theory and Application
NURS 5113 Developing and Leading a Sustainable Culture of Healthcare Innovation
NURS 5150 Common and Chronic Health Problems in APN Practice II
NURS 5170 Complex and Comorbid Health Problems in AGNP Acute Care Practice IV
NURS 5179 AGNP Acute Care Clinical Practicum III
NURS 5190 Fieldwork I in Life Story Practice and Research
NURS 5192 Fieldwork II in Life Story Practice and Research
NURS 5230 Healthcare Finance for Nurse Leaders
NURS 5362 Advanced Health Assessment for the Nurse Practitioner Role: Neonatal Population-focus
NURS 5365 Advanced Neonatal Nursing Theory I
NURS 5370 Advanced Principles of Pharmacology and Management: Neonatal Population-focus
NURS 5385 Advanced Neonatal Nursing III
NURS 5389 Advanced Neonatal Practicum III
NURS 5400 Health Promotion, Prevention, and Common Health Problems in APN Practice I
NURS 5409 APN Clinical Practicum I
NURS 5420 Complex and Comorbid Health Problems in APN Primary Care Practice IV
NURS 5429 AGNP Primary Care Clinical Practicum III
NURS 5449 FNP Primary Care Practicum III
NURS 5710 Health Professions Education: Planning
NURS 5811 Application of Genetics to Healthcare
NURS 5855 Evidence-Based Practice for the Scholarship of Application
NURS 5860 Quality and Organizational/Systems Leadership for the Scholarship of Application
NURS 5869 Doctor of Nursing Practice Residency and Seminar I
NURS 5870 Health Policy and Populations-based Advocacy for the Scholarship of Application
NURS 5885 Leadership and Management for the Scholarship of Application
NUSC 5300 Vitamins and Minerals
NUSC 6311 Regulation of Food Intake and Energy Balance
OPIM 3103 Business Information Systems
OPIM 3104 Operations Management
OPIM 3510 Business Data Analytics I
OPIM 3511 Business Data Analytics II
OPIM 3512 Project Management for Business Data Analytics
OPIM 3804 Data Visualization
OPIM 4997 Senior Thesis in Operations and Information Management
OPIM 5110 Operations Management
OPIM 5500 Field Study Internship
OPIM 5502 Big Data Analytics with Hadoop
OPIM 5508 Healthcare Analytics and Research Methods
OPIM 5509 Introduction to Deep Learning
OPIM 5512 Data Science using Python
OPIM 5601 Technical Communications in Business Analytics and Project Management
OPIM 5604 Predictive Modeling
PHAR 6234 Advanced Biopharmaceutics
PHIL 1102 Philosophy and Logic
PHIL 1104 Philosophy and Social Ethics
PHIL 1106 Non-western and Comparative Philosophy
PHIL 3225W Analysis and Ordinary Language
PHIL 3231 Philosophy of Religion
PHIL 3263 Asian Philosophy
PHIL 4297W Senior Thesis in Philosophy
PHIL 5320 Seminar in the History of Philosophy
PHIL 5397 Seminar
PHRX 3095 Special Topics
PHRX 3099 Undergraduate Research
PHRX 4001W Current Topics in Pharmacy
PNB 2265 Human Physiology and Anatomy
POLS 2998 Political Issues
POLS 2998W Political Issues
POLS 3410 International Political Economy
POLS 5630 Prospectus and Dissertation Writing Seminar
PP 5300 Independent Study
PP 5319 Program Development and Evaluation
PP 5324 Grant Writing and Government Contracting
PP 5329 Nonprofit Advocacy, Government Relations, and Law
PP 5332 Advanced Quantitative Methods
PP 5365 Human Resource Management
PP 5372 Capstone Portfolio
PP 5377 Qualitative Methods in Public Policy
PP 5383 Principles and Methods of Survey Research II
PP 5386 Survey Research Analysis and Reporting
PP 5390 Supervised Internship
PSYC 2100WQ Principles of Research in Psychology
PUBH 3001 Introduction to Epidemiology
PUBH 5455 Health Education
PUBH 5460 Health and Human Rights
PUBH 5479 Alcohol and Drug Policy Research
PUBH 5481 Research Careers and the Responsible Conduct of Research in Alcohol and Addiction Science
PUBH 5502 Epidemiology of Disability
PUBH 5504 Public Health Interventions in Disability
SAPL 500 Principles and Concepts of Agroecology
SE 5000 Introduction to Systems Engineering
SE 5001 Model-Based Systems Engineering
SE 5095 Special Topics
SE 5102 Uncertainty Analysis, Robust Design, and Optimization
SE 5201 Embedded/Networked Systems Modeling Abstractions
SE 5502 Capstone Projects for Systems Engineering
SE 5702 Data Science for Materials and Manufacturing
SLHS 3248 Introduction to Audiology
SLHS 5335 Fluency Disorders
SOCI 1001 Introduction to Sociology
SOCI 1251 Social Problems
SOCI 1251W Social Problems
SOCI 1501 Race, Class, and Gender
SOCI 1501W Race, Class, and Gender
SOCI 1701 Society in Global Perspective
SOCI 2310 Introduction to Criminal Justice
SOCI 3222 Asian Indian Women: Activism and Social Change in India and the United States
SOCI 3453 Women and Health
SPAN 1010 Contemporary Spanish Culture and Society through Film
SPAN 3204 Language and Culture of U.S. Hispanics
SPAN 3207 Women's Studies in Spanish
SPAN 3232 Literature of Crisis in Modern Spain
SPAN 3250 Film in Spain and Latin America
SPAN 3260 Studies in Spanish-American Literature
SPSS 2500E Principles and Concepts of Agroecology
STAT 4190 Field Study Internship
STAT 4299 Independent Study
TRST 5320 Portfolio Translation Seminar
UNIV 1820 First Year Seminar
UNIV 3820 Learning Community Advanced Seminar
UNIV 4800 Senior Year Experience
UNIV 4820 SYE Seminars
URBN 2400 City and Community in Film
WGSS 1104 Feminisms and the Arts
WGSS 1105 Gender and Sexuality in Everyday Life
WGSS 1121 Women in History
WGSS 2124 Gender and Globalization
WGSS 2217 Women, Gender and Film
WGSS 3254 Women and Gender in the Deaf World
WGSS 3891 Internship Program