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Make a successful transition to remote online learning! UConn's Keep Learning site will help you with tips on how to communicate with your instructors and classmates, and provide strategies on how to be successful in your classes.

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UConn to Offer a Free New One-Credit Course on COVID-19

The COVID-19 Pandemic: Impacts on Health, Business and Society is a new multi-disciplinary course that brings together unique insights from faculty in Allied Health, Public Health, UConn Health, Public Policy, Pathobiology and Veterinary Science, Pharmacy, Nursing, Psychology, Management, and Finance.

Learn from UConn experts the science behind COVID-19, how to recognize stress and adopt coping mechanisms, and gain insight into the business and financial implications of the pandemic.

This one (1) credit UNIV course is free and open to all undergraduate, Ratcliffe Hicks, and PharmD students.  The course begins Monday, April 6 and ends Friday, May 1.

Interested students should complete the online registration form by Tuesday, April 7 to have access to the first module when it becomes available, but registration will be accepted through Friday, April 10 at noon.

This online course will be taught asynchronously. There are no scheduled class meeting times so you can engage with course content when it’s convenient to you within module timeframes:

A parallel version of the course will be available to all other groups including graduate students, faculty, and staff starting on Monday April 13. Additional instructions regarding how to register will be available in the coming days.

Free Internet Access for Students

Getting and Staying Connected Wherever You Are For Remote Learning.

To ensure every person can connect to the Internet during this time of disruption, the FCC launched the Keep Americans Connected Pledge. Many broadband and telephone service providers have taken this pledge to provide free broadband or Wi-Fi hotspots for 60 days to anyone who needs it.

Click here to find the Internet providers and businesses providing free Internet and Wi-Fi access in your area.

UConn Software

Download: You can download select software for both university, and personally-owned computers at Under available software, select faculty or staff. You will see all of the university-licensed software available to you. When you click on an individual product, you can find out more information about it as well as begin the download process.

NEW: Adobe is enabling at-home access to Creative Cloud until May 31, 2020. To get access, complete this request form.

Online: You can also access software through the browser of many internet-connected devices through AnyWare. With Desktop, you connect to a virtual desktop that includes all the available software, and in Apps, you can select only the applications you wish to use. AnyWare 2.0, our newest virtual offering, provides a virtual desktop experience and saves your settings and preference between sessions.

Lab Access: If you need access to software that you would typically use at a UConn computer lab, you can schedule time to access a lab computer remotely.

Additional software:
Google Hangouts Meet

Store Your Documents

As a student you can store your documents on the two cloud-hosted options available to you, Microsoft OneDrive or Google Drive.

Google Drive: You can store your files securely and open or edit them from any device using Google Drive. You have unlimited storage with your university account.

OneDrive: You have access to this cloud-hosted storage through your Office 365 account.

Technical Support/HuskyCT

If you need technical help (connectivity, issues logging in, course/enrollment status, etc), please contact the UITS Technology Support Center:


If you need assistance with HuskyCT, please contact Blackboard Support:

Keep Learning FAQs

What if I need to see or speak with my professor?

Faculty will continue to have regular office hours, remotely. This could be a phone call, WebEx, or other tool that you and your professor agree on.

I have been getting tutoring support, how can I continue to meet with my tutor?

University tutoring and academic support centers will continue to support student success remotely.  Additional information for specific centers can be found under the Academic Support link on this website.

What if I have non-classroom classes, such as labs or clinical or field based?

Some parts of the lab may be moved online, such as video demonstrations of new techniques, online simulations, data analysis, or pre/post lab work. There may be other online resources that can help you replicate the lab experience. Each lab course will make modifications aligned with learning objectives and faculty will be communicating these modifications to you.

What do I do if I don’t have access to the Internet or don’t have a computer?

To ensure every person can connect to the internet during this time of disruption, the FCC launched the Keep Americans Connected Pledge. Many broadband and telephone service providers have taken this pledge to provide free broadband or Wi-Fi hotspots for 60 days to anyone who needs it. Click here for more information.