Academic Support  
We've got you covered! So many ways to get the help you need. 

UConn Keep Learning

Writing Center

The Writing Center is open.  You will be able to make 45-minute, individualized appointments as usual and then launch a video connection directly from the appointment system. We plan to supplement live video conversation with document sharing via Google Docs.  Please know that the Writing Center will continue supporting UConn students throughout the spring semester!

Quantitative Learning Center

The Q Center is open and will be offering online tutoring throughout the semester.

We have provided step-by-step instructions on how you can access us remotely.  You will log in and make an appointment the same as you’ve done in the past but your confirmation email will include a link to some specific steps you’ll need to follow to connect with your tutor.  Click here to find the online tutoring guide.

UConn Advising

Center for Students with Disabilities (CSD) provides a list of resources to make the transition of learning from home as smooth as possible. If there are additional resources you need, please contact our office.
(860) 486-2020


International Student & Scholar Services (ISSS) has up-to-date information for international students, scholars and OPT Participants as well as remote learning/travel/OPT reporting.
(860) 486-3855


Student Health and Wellness - Mental Health Student Health and Wellness will remain open and are adapting to new opportunities to support the campus community at this time.HAW-Mental Health will be moving to exclusively telehealth (online) or phone platforms for providing services to students. We ask that students call our office at 860-486-4705 before walking to the office.


Dean of Students (DoS) If you have a question, a concern or a problem to solve, and you are not sure where to begin, the Dean of Students Office is a great place to start. Matters with which the Dean of Students office assists:

  • Exam rescheduling
  • Mediation for ongoing relationship problems with friends, roommates, coworker, faculty member, etc.
  • Sexual assault reporting and resources
  • Assist with ongoing academic issue like poor grades or interpersonal issue in the course
  • Voluntary Separation from the University
  • Short Term Emergency Loan Funds/ Veteran Loan Funds
  • Residency declaration for in-state tuition
  • Readmission to UConn
  • Extensions for incomplete courses


Student Support Services (SSS) Increases access to the University of Connecticut for first-generation, low-income and/or underrepresented students.
Services include: tutoring, counseling and advising, peer advising.


Academic Centers - Each school or college as well as each regional campus has an advising center/office. These centers/offices serve as a resource to students, faculty and staff on a wide range of advising matters.

Academic Achievement Center

The Academic Achievement Center will continue offer an array of  academic support that is now online including, coaching, mentoring, supplemental instruction and student success workshops.

UConn Libraries

The UConn Library’s Ask a Librarian page and has the benefit of offering, all in one place:

  • The Ask a Librarian chat box (yes, it’s being staffed!)
  • Links to some of our best get-started library help pages/sites (get started/research guides, tech guides, etc.). Tech guides include information on off-campus access to library resources (databases, for example).