Preparing for Learning in Any Modality   
You've got this! How to remain focused and engaged.

UConn Keep Learning

1. Find a Regular Study Space

  • Eliminate distractions
  • Put down the phone
  • Don't check social media
  • Set a 1-1/2 hour block to focus and then take a break
  • Claim your space!  
  • Find a location and set yourself up – the kitchen table, a comfortable chair, a desk – wherever it is make this a dedicated space to help create a routine of where you study.

2. Manage Your Time

  • Set aside the same amount of time to complete class readings and assignments as you would for your face-to-face classes .
  • Schedule specific days/ time devoted to class review and coursework and stick to it.

3. Engage and Interact

  • Use discussion boards to interact with classmates 
  • Share relevant articles with the class 
  • Check your course a minimum of 4 days a week to be sure you don’t get behind on the discussion thread

4. Communicate with your Professor

  • Check email regularly 
  • Use Blackboard to communicate 
  • Ask questions 
  • Meet during virtual office hours

5. Take care of your mental health

  • Lessen your stress by eating healthy, exercising and getting enough rest
  • Use positive self-talk to reduce anxiety or try meditation
  • Recognize you may have difficulty concentrating or making decisions
  • Don’t become preoccupied with reading all information about the outbreak

6. Follow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's advice

  • Practice social distancing.
  • Wash hands vigorously with soap.
  • Minimize face-touching.
  • Try alternatives to a handshake.
  • Contact a health care provider if exhibiting symptoms such as fever, cough or shortness of breath.

Online Technical Resources

Classroom Learning Tools

Your classes may use any combination of the activities below when it transitions to a remote online learning environment.

  • Synchronous class sessions (to be held at the same time as your scheduled class.)
  • Asynchronous class sessions that are available anytime for your to watch on Blackboard
  • Recorded videos on Blackboard
  • Class Readings
  • Power Point Presentations
  • Projects
  • Assignments
  • Google Books


You may be asked to join some of your classes using any of the conferencing services below that allow you to communicate with classmates, attend office hours, and participate in a virtual class.


  • Your instructor may choose to use Blackboard Collaborate to meet with the class. This is an official Blackboard product that integrates with HuskyCT. No additional software or plugins are needed. For more information, go to IT Knowledge Base.


  • Webex is an alternative to Collaborate that your instructor may choose to use. While it does not integrate directly with Blackboard, it shares many of the same features. It also does not require any additional software or plugins to be installed. For more information, head to our getting started page.

Microsoft Teams

  • Microsoft Teams is a collaboration and productivity tool that is included with Office 365. With teams, you can chat with individuals or groups, hold video meetings, store and share files, and connect with other third-party solutions. For more information, head to our getting started page.