With classes being taught in multiple modalities, it is important that you and your instructor communicate often. 











Each of your professors will communicate with you as soon as possible. Some will reach out before the start of the semester, while others will wait until the first day of classes. You should expect information about the class schedule, assignments, procedures, and course expectations. Be sure to check your email and HuskyCT (Blackboard) regularly. If UConn should need to transition to fully online as happened in the spring semester, faculty will reach out as soon as possible to provide an updated plan.  

Your professors will let you know how they plan to communicate with you, and how often. They will tell you how often you will be expected to check your email, and how quickly they will be able to respond to your emails. Also, they will inform you of their remote office hours and how you can meet virtually.

In the case of a transition to online, check with your professor if your class will be offered synchronously (live) at the same time as your scheduled class.  Many of your classes may be available asynchronously and your faculty will communicate expectations and guidelines about how and when to engage.  

Throughout the semester, if you need any additional information or have any questions, you should reach out via email to your professor. Your instructors are here to help you learn so do not hesitate to reach out to them.