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Fall 2021 Online Courses (WW & DL) 
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Link Subj Cat # Course Title
AAAS 2201 Introduction to Asian American Studies
AAAS 3221 Sociological Perspectives on Asian American Women
ACCT 2001 Principles of Financial Accounting
ACCT 2101 Principles of Managerial Accounting
ACCT 5121 Financial Accounting and Reporting
ACCT 5122 Financial Reporting I
ACCT 5243 Assurance Services
ACCT 5505 Understanding the Responsibilities of an Accounting Professional
ACCT 5532 Contemporary Issues in Financial Reporting and Analysis
ACCT 5543 Advanced Assurance Services
ACCT 5545 Business Law, Business Ethics, and Public Accounting
ACCT 5546 Forensic Accounting and Fraud Examination
ACCT 5554 Data Analytics: Skills for Accountants
ACCT 5557 Advanced Accounting Information Systems
ACCT 5571 Taxation of Business Entities
AELI NC302 Oral Communication/Presentation
AELI NC307 Guided Listening and Speaking
AELI NC308 Independent Listening and Speaking
AELI NC313 Independent Reading and Writing
AELI NC317 Guided Interactions
AELI NC318 Independent Interactions
AELI 10 UCAELI Part-Time
AELI 20 UCAELI Full-Time
AFRA 3131 African-American Theatre
AH 2001 Medical Terminology
AH 3175E Environmental Health
AH 3203 Aging: Implications for Health Professionals
AH 3570 Health and Safety Management in the Workplace
AH 3571 Health Hazards in the Workplace
AH 3573 Health and Safety Standards in the Workplace
AH 4095 Special Topics
AH 4244 Management for the Health Professional
AH 5099 Independent Study for Allied Health
AH 5314 Professional Development Project
AH 5317 Professional Development Practicum
AH 6181 Experiential Learning in Health Promotion Research
AMES 5101 Engineering Analysis
AMES 5111 Computer Aided Engineering
AMST 2274W Disability in American Literature and Culture
AMST 2400 City and Community in Film
ANTH 2000W Social Anthropology
ANTH 3096 Directed Research in Anthropology
ANTH 3230 Propaganda, Disinformation, and Hate Speech
ANTH 3300 Medical Anthropology
ANTH 4097W Honors Thesis
ANTH 5395 Special Topics
ARAB 1001 Elementary Arabic I
ARAB 1751 Traditional Arab Literatures, Cultures, and Civilizations
ARAB 3751 Al-Andalus: Music, Literature, and Science in Muslim Spain
ARE 3440W Writing in Environmental and Resource Policy
ARIS 3000 Classical Arabic
ART 1000 Art Appreciation
ART 1010 Foundation: Studio Concepts
ART 1020 Foundation: Criticism and Interpretation
ART 1030 Drawing I
ART 2410 Basic Studio, Photography
ART 3270 Going Pro
ART 3999 Independent Study
ARTH 1137 Introduction to Art History: Prehistoric - 14th Century
ARTH 1141 From Sun Gods to Lowriders: Introduction to Latin American Art
ARTH 1193 Foreign Study
ARTH 2993 Foreign Study
ARTH 3030 The Artist and Society
ARTH 3320 Art of the Italian Renaissance
ARTH 3510W Modern Art
ASLN 1101 Elementary American Sign Language I
ASLN 1103 Intermediate American Sign Language I
ASLN 3299 Independent Study
ASLN 3360 Deaf Art and Artists
ASLN 3650 Deaf Writers and American Sign Language Literature
BADM 2234 The Entrepreneurial Journey
BADM 2710 Principles of Managerial Accounting
BADM 3103 Business Information Systems
BADM 3104 Operations Management
BADM 3234 Opportunity Generation, Assessment, and Promotion
BADM 3235 Venture Planning, Management, and Growth
BADM 3452 Professional Selling
BADM 3665 Digital Marketing
BADM 3720 The Legal and Ethical Environment of Business
BADM 3750 Introduction to Marketing Management
BADM 4881 Internship in Business Administration
BADM 4882 Practicum in Professional Sales
BADM 4895 Special Topics
BADM 5103 Statistics and Spreadsheet Modeling
BADM 5894 Special Topics
BASC 5300 Human Oppression: The African-American and Puerto Rican Perspective
BASC 5333 Research Methods for Social Work Practice
BASC 5350 Analysis of Social Welfare Policy and Social Service Delivery Systems
BASC 5390 Macro Foundation Practice
BASC 5391 Micro Foundation Practice
BLAW 3175 The Legal and Ethical Environment of Business
BLAW 3277 Law and Ethics for Professional Accountants
BLAW 5175 Business, Law, and Ethics in Modern Society
BLAW 5680 Securities Law
BME 3120 LabVIEW Basics for Engineers
BME 5000 Physiological Systems I
BME 5020 Clinical Engineering Fundamentals
BME 5070 Clinical Systems Engineering
BME 6086 Special Topics In Biomedical Engineering
BUSN 1801 Contemporary Issues in the World of Business
BUSN 3002W Effective Business Writing
BUSN 3003W Business Communications
BUSN 3005 Career Development in Business
CAMS 1101 Greek Civilization
CAMS 1103 Classical Mythology
CAMS 1123 Intermediate Latin I
CAMS 1171 Intensive Elementary Ancient Greek
CAMS 3101 Topics in Advanced Greek
CAMS 3208 Homer
CAMS 3241W Greek and Roman Epic
CE 2110 Applied Mechanics I
CE 2411 Introduction to Computer Aided Design
CE 5164 Finite Element Methods in Applied Mechanics I
CE 5640 Prestressed Concrete Structures
CHEG 2103 Introduction to Chemical Engineering
CHEG 4995 Special Topics in Chemical Engineering
CHEG 5001 Advanced Chemical Engineering Fundamentals
CHEG 5333 Computer Simulation in Chemical Engineering
CHEM 3170W Technical Communications
CHEM 5300 Independent Study
CHEM 5324 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry I
CHEM 5353 Chemical Kinetics
CHIN 1121 Traditional Chinese Culture
COMM 1000 The Process of Communication
COMM 3310 Media Literacy and Criticism
COMM 3310W Media Literacy and Criticism
COMM 3320 Media and Diverse Audiences
COMM 3321 Latinas and Media
COMM 3600 New Communication Technologies
COMM 4300 Advanced Media Effects
COMM 5003 Advanced Communication Research Methods
CSE 1010 Introduction to Computing for Engineers
CSE 1729 Introduction to Principles of Programming
CSE 2050 Data Structures and Object-Oriented Design
CSE 2102 Introduction to Software Engineering
CSE 2301 Principles and Practice of Digital Logic Design
CSE 2500 Introduction to Discrete Systems
CSE 3140 Cybersecurity Lab
CSE 4502 Big Data Analytics
CSE 4939W Computer Science and Engineering Design Project I
CSE 5095 Special Topics in Computer Science and Engineering
CSE 5500 Algorithms
CSE 5520 Data Visualization and Communication
CSE 5717 Big Data Analytics
DMD 1001 Foundations in Digital Media and Design I
DMD 1060 Fundamentals of Programming for Game, Web, and Interactive Media Design
DMD 1070 Web Design I
DMD 1101 Design Lab I
DMD 2010 History of Digital Culture
DMD 2200 Motion Design and Animation I
DMD 2210 Film and Video Editing I
DMD 2230 3D Motion I
DMD 2470 User Interface Design
DMD 2500 Introduction to Digital Game Design
DMD 2610 Introduction to Digital Humanities
DMD 2700 Digital Media Strategies for Business I
DMD 3010W Critical Perspectives on Digital Media
DMD 3099 Independent Study
DMD 3102 Brand Lab
DMD 3220 Broadcast Graphics and Title Sequence
DMD 3230 Cinematic Storytelling
DMD 3830 Film Writing
DMD 3998 Variable Topics
DMD 4040 Agency
DMD 4075 Senior Project
DMD 4081 Digital Media Internship
DMD 4475 Web and Interactive Media Design Practicum
DMD 5070 Introduction to Web Design
DMD 5200 Introduction to Motion Graphics
DMD 5500 Introduction to Digital Game Design
DMD 5700 Digital Media Strategies for Business
DMD 5998 Variable Topics
DRAM 1101 Introduction to the Theatre
DRAM 1110 Introduction to Film
DRAM 3131 African-American Theatre
DRAM 3145 Film Writing
DRAM 5120 Financial Management for the Arts
DRAM 5121 Governance and Leadership in the Arts
DRAM 5617 World Puppet Theatre
ECE 1101 Electrical and Computer Engineering Tools
ECE 2001 Electrical Circuits
ECE 3212 Electric Machines and Drives
ECE 4900W Communicating Engineering Solutions in a Societal Context
ECE 5530 Modeling and Control of Electric Drives
ECE 5554 Distribution Management Systems
ECE 6095 Special Topics in Electrical and Systems Engineering
ECON 2491W Internship Research Paper
ECON 3208 Game Theory
ECON 3492 Practicum
ECON 4206 Mechanism Design
EDCI 3100W Multicultural Education, Equity and Social Justice
EDCI 5742 Sheltered English Instruction for English Language Learners
EDCI 5830 Curriculum Laboratory
EDCI 5875 Multicultural Education
EDCI 5890 Educational Linguistics
EDLR 2001 Contemporary Social Issues in Sport
EDLR 5092 Practicum: Administrative Field Experience
EDLR 5099 Independent Study in Education
EDLR 6002 Legal Issues in School Employment
EDLR 6004 Legal Issues in Educational Technology
EGEN 3092 Peer Facilitation Practicum
ENGL 1003 English for Non-Native Speakers
ENGL 1004 Introduction to Academic Writing
ENGL 1007 Seminar and Studio in Writing and Multimodal Composition
ENGL 1101 Classical and Medieval Western Literature
ENGL 2274W Disability in American Literature and Culture
ENGL 2405 Drama
ENGL 2407 The Short Story
ENGL 2409 The Modern Novel
ENGL 2411 Popular Literature
ENGL 2600 Introduction to Literary Studies
ENGL 2610 Introduction to Digital Humanities
ENGL 2701 Creative Writing I
ENGL 3003W Advanced Expository Writing
ENGL 3240E American Nature Writing
ENGL 3320 Literature and Culture of India
ENGL 3699 Independent Study
ENGL 3707 Film Writing
ENGL 3711 Creative Writing for Child and Young Adult Readers
ENGL 6000 Independent Study
ENGL 6650 Seminar in Digital Humanities
ENGR 3025 EDOC: Engineering for Impact
ENGR 3120 LabVIEW Basics for Engineers
ENGR 3195 Special Topics in Engineering
ENGR 5300 Special Topics in Engineering
ENGR 5311 Professional Communication and Information Management
ENGR 5314 Advanced Engineering Mathematics
ENGR 5315 MENG Capstone
ENVE 2411 Introduction to Computer Aided Design
ENVE 5530 Environmental Site Investigations
EPSY 3010 Educational Psychology
EPSY 3020 Peer Counseling
EPSY 5092 Practicum
EPSY 5145 Issues in Postsecondary Disability Services
EPSY 5146 Advanced Topics in Secondary Transition
EPSY 5195 Workshop in Education
EPSY 5220 Introduction to Educational Technology
EPSY 5225 Learning Technology Applied in Schools
EPSY 5307 Professional Orientation of School Counseling
EPSY 5510 Learning: Its Implication for Education
EPSY 5601 Principles and Methods in Educational Research
EPSY 5605 Quantitative Methods in Research I
EPSY 5607 Quantitative Methods in Research II
EPSY 5710 Introduction to Gifted Education and Talent Development
EPSY 5780 Social and Emotional Components of Giftedness and Talent Development
EPSY 6304 The Psychology of Men and Boys In Counseling and Education
EPSY 6601 Methods and Techniques of Educational Research
EVST 1000E Introduction to Environmental Studies
EVST 2998 Variable Topics in Environmental Studies
FED 5301 Field Education Seminar I
FED 5310 Field Education Seminar III
FNCE 3101 Financial Management
FNCE 3230 Real Estate Principles
FNCE 3303 Principles of Investments and Derivatives
FNCE 4302 Fixed Income Securities
FNCE 4304 Financial Derivatives and Risk Management
FNCE 4440 Financial Ethics
FNCE 4997W Senior Thesis in Finance
FNCE 5101 Financial Management
FNCE 5205 Global Financial Management
FNCE 5206 Financial Institutions: Management and Capital Markets
FNCE 5408 Valuation of Financial Assets
FNCE 5504 Options and Futures
FNCE 5533 Real Estate Capital Markets
FNCE 5894 Seminar
FREN 1101 Elementary French I
FREN 1102 Elementary French II
FREN 1103 Intermediate French I
FREN 1104 Intermediate French II
FREN 1171 French Cinema
FREN 3224 Issues in Cultural Studies, the Media, and the Social Sciences
FREN 3250 Global Culture in French I
FREN 3261 From the Holy Grail to the Revolution: Introduction to Literature
FREN 3270W French Literature and Civilization in English
GEOG 1000 Introduction to Geography
GEOG 2500 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
GEOG 2505 Applications of Geographic Information Systems
GEOG 2510 Visualizing Geographic Data
GEOG 3510 Cartographic Techniques
GEOG 4001W Writing in Geography
GEOG 4515 Web GIS
GEOG 5500 Fundamentals of Geographic Information Science
GEOG 5510 Applications of Geographic Information Systems
GEOG 5515 Web GIS
GEOG 5530 GIS for Health and Environment
GEOG 5810 Special Problems in Geography
GERM 3231 German for Professional Use I
GPS 4278W Integrating General Studies
GRAD 5900 Special Topics in Graduate Education
GRAD 5910 Responsible Conduct in Research
GRAD 5998 Continuous Registration (Master's)
GRAD 5999 Thesis Preparation
GSCI 2310E Creating and Sustaining National Parks
GSCI 3230 Beaches and Coasts
HBEL 5300 Substance Abuse I: Intro to Alcohol and Other Drugs
HCMI 5549 Management of Long-Term Health Care Organizations
HCMI 5632 Internship in Health Care Management
HDFS 2001 Diversity Issues in Human Development and Family Sciences
HDFS 2100 Human Development: Infancy Through Adolescence
HDFS 2200 Human Development: Adulthood and Aging
HDFS 3087 Honors Proseminar
HDFS 3101 Infant and Toddler Development
HDFS 3120 Introduction to Programs for Young Children
HDFS 3125 Emergent Literacy and Language Arts in Early Childhood Education
HDFS 4097 Honors Thesis Preparation Seminar
HEJS 1103 Who Are the Jews? Jewish Identity through the Ages
HEJS 2104 Modern Jewish Thought
HIST 1250 Sports in History
HIST 1300 Western Traditions Before 1500
HIST 1502W U.S. History Since 1877
HIST 3204W Science and Social Issues in the Modern World
HIST 3460 Italy 1250-1600
HIST 3510 Civil War America
HIST 3540WE Environmental History of the Americas
HIST 5101 Introduction to Historical Research
HLTH NC008 Foundations in Health Care IT
HLTH NC009 Clinical and IT Program Management
HLTH NC010 Health Care Informatics
HLTH NC011 Emerging Technologies and Healthcare Strategies
HRTS 3230 Propaganda, Disinformation, and Hate Speech
HRTS 3298 Variable Topics
HRTS 3540 Topics in Human Rights Practice
HRTS 4291 Service Learning Seminar/Internship
HRTS 4996W Senior Thesis
HRTS 5095 Special Topics
IGFP 5302 Advanced Practice with Individuals, Groups and Families: Theoretical Approaches
IGFP 5342 Clinical Conditions with Groups
IGFP 5345 Clinical Conditions with Children and Adolescents
IMS 5302 Structural Analysis
IMS 5303 Compositional Analyses
INTD 3260 The Bible
ISG 5100 Foundations of Genetic and Genomic Medicine
ISG 5101 Principles of Human Embryology and Teratology
ISG 5730 Professional Skills and Competencies
JOUR 3087 Honors Thesis Preparation Seminar
KINS 2227 Exercise Prescription
KINS 3098 Variable Topics
KINS 3099 Independent Study for Undergraduates
KINS 5507 Fundamentals of Exercise Prescription
KINS 5595 Special Topics in Exercise Prescription
LLAS 3264 Latinas and Media
LLAS 3320 Media and Diverse Audiences
MAST 1200 Introduction to Maritime Culture
MAST 1300E People and Society in the Maritime Environment
MATH 1030Q Elementary Discrete Mathematics
MATH 1070Q Mathematics for Business and Economics
MATH 1131Q Calculus I
MATH 1132Q Calculus II
MATH 2110Q Multivariable Calculus
MATH 2210Q Applied Linear Algebra
MATH 2410Q Elementary Differential Equations
MATH 3160 Probability
MATH 3799 Independent Study
MATH 5670 Financial Programming and Modeling
MCB 3844W Microbiology and the Media
ME 5110 Advanced Thermodynamics
ME 5130 Advanced Heat and Mass Transfer
ME 5160 Theory and Design of Automatic Control Systems
ME 5190 Advanced Solid Mechanics
ME 5420 Mechanical Vibrations I
ME 5442 Composites Design
ME 5507 Engineering Analysis I
MEDS 5418 Stem Cells and Regenerative Biology
MEDS 6497 Graduate Seminar
MFGE 5130 Manufacturing Automation and Industry 4.0
MFGE 5140 Manufacturing Systems Planning
MGMT 2234 The Entrepreneurial Journey
MGMT 3101 Managerial and Interpersonal Behavior
MGMT 3225 International Business
MGMT 3234 Opportunity Generation, Assessment, and Promotion
MGMT 3235 Venture Planning, Management, and Growth
MGMT 3236 Managerial Negotiations
MGMT 3237 Managing Human Capital
MGMT 4292 Venture Consulting
MGMT 4895 Special Topics
MGMT 4900 Strategy, Policy and Planning
MGMT 4902 Strategic Analysis
MGMT 5138 Managing Organizations
MGMT 5639 Diversity and Inclusion
MGMT 5650 Interpersonal Relations, Influence, and Ethical Leadership
MGMT 5674 Negotiation Strategies
MGMT 5893 Management Internship
MGMT 5894 Seminar
MGMT 5895 Special Topics in Management
MKTG 3101 Introduction to Marketing Management
MKTG 3208 Consumer Behavior
MKTG 3260 Marketing Research
MKTG 3452 Professional Selling
MKTG 3665 Digital Marketing
MKTG 4997W Senior Thesis in Marketing
MKTG 5115 Marketing Management
MKTG 5250 Marketing Research and Intelligence
MKTG 5251 Marketing and Digital Analytics
MKTG 5665 Digital Marketing
MSE 2101 Materials Science and Engineering I
MSE 3003 Phase Transformation Kinetics and Applications
MSE 3036 Non-Ferrous Alloys
MSE 4021 Materials Joining
MSE 5095 Special Topics in Materials Science and Engineering
MSE 5322 Materials Characterization
MSE 5364 Advanced Composites
MSE 6401 Graduate Seminars in Materials Science and Engineering
MUSI 3222 Applied Music, Advanced Course
NRE 2010 Natural Resources Measurements
NRE 3000 Human Dimensions of Natural Resources
NRE 3145 Meteorology
NRE 3345 Wildlife Management Techniques
NRE 5200 Sustainable Natural Resources Management
NRE 5215 Introduction to Geospatial Analysis with Remote Sensing
NRE 5220 Environmental Planning for Sustainable Communities and Regions
NRE 5545 Quantitative Remote Sensing Methods
NRE 5585 Python Scripting for Geospatial Analysis
NRE 5830 Internship in Energy and Environmental Management
NRE 5850 Practicum in Energy and Environmental Management
NURS 3205 Nursing Research and Evidence-Based Practice
NURS 3220 Clinical Science for Sub-Acute and Chronically Ill Adults
NURS 3715W Nursing Leadership in the 21st Century
NURS 4305 Nursing Research and Evidence-Based Practice - CEIN/BS
NURS 4544 Theory and Nursing Practice for Community Health
NURS 4554 Theory and Nursing Practice for Adult Acute Care
NURS 5001 Holistic Nursing Part 1: Basic Concepts
NURS 5012 Nursing Science and Patterns of Knowing in Advanced Nursing Practice
NURS 5020 Statistical Methods in Health Sciences Research
NURS 5030 Nursing Research for Evidence Based Practice
NURS 5060 Advanced Pathophysiology: Concepts for Advanced Nursing Practice Across the Lifespan
NURS 5062 Advanced Health Assessment across the Lifespan
NURS 5101 Fundamental Mechanisms of Acute and Chronic Pain
NURS 5102 Basic and Clinical Pain Research
NURS 5105 Alzheimer's and Dementia: Disease Trajectory and Management
NURS 5112 Healthcare Opportunities for System Level Solutions
NURS 5114 Health Care Innovation Development
NURS 5160 Common and Comorbid Health Problems in AGNP Acute Care Practice III
NURS 5169 AGNP Acute Care Clinical Practicum II
NURS 5194 Seminar in Life Story Practice and Research
NURS 5240 Nursing Leadership Foundations
NURS 5350 Advanced Embryology and Neonatal Physiology
NURS 5375 Advanced Neonatal Nursing Theory II
NURS 5410 Common and Comorbid Health Problems in APN Primary Care Practice III
NURS 5419 AGNP Primary Care Clinical Practicum II
NURS 5439 FNP Primary Care Practicum II
NURS 5700 Health Professions Education: Evaluation
NURS 5811 Application of Genetics to Healthcare
NURS 5845 Health Services Statistics & Research Methods for the Scholarship of Application
NURS 5850 Scientific and Theoretical Underpinnings for the Scholarship of Application
NURS 5865 Information Systems for the Scholarship of Application
NURS 5870 Health Policy and Populations-based Advocacy for the Scholarship of Application
NURS 5889 Doctor of Nursing Practice Residency and Seminar III
NURS 5895 Doctor of Nursing Practice Seminar Series for the DNP Project
NUSC 5200 Macronutrient Metabolism
NUSC 5700 Precision Nutrition
OPIM 3103 Business Information Systems
OPIM 3104 Operations Management
OPIM 3510 Business Data Analytics I
OPIM 3511 Business Data Analytics II
OPIM 4899 Independent Study
OPIM 4997 Senior Thesis in Operations and Information Management
OPIM 5500 Field Study Internship
OPIM 5509 Introduction to Deep Learning
OPIM 5512 Data Science using Python
OPIM 5601 Technical Communications in Business Analytics and Project Management
OPIM 5604 Predictive Modeling
OPIM 5671 Data Mining and Business Intelligence
OPIM 5895 Special Topics in Information Management
PHIL 1104 Philosophy and Social Ethics
PHIL 1106 Non-western and Comparative Philosophy
PHIL 2211Q Symbolic Logic I
PHIL 2212 Philosophy of Science
PHIL 2217 Social and Political Philosophy
PHIL 3247W Philosophy of Psychology
PHIL 3250 Philosophy of Mind
PHRX 3099 Undergraduate Research
PHRX 4030 Foundations in Pharmaceutics II
PHRX 4041 Immunology Module
PHRX 5050 Pediatric Pharmacotherapy
PHYS 3989 Undergraduate Research
PNB 2264 Human Physiology and Anatomy
POLS 1602 Introduction to American Politics
POLS 3406 Globalization and Political Change
POLS 3991 Supervised Field Work
POLS 5010 Investigation of Special Topics in Political Science
POLS 5630 Prospectus and Dissertation Writing Seminar
POLY 5098 Variable Topics in Polymer Science
PP 3030 Public Opinion
PP 3098 Public Policy Issues
PP 5323 Leading and Governing Nonprofit Organizations
PP 5325 Labor-Management Relations, Negotiation, and Contract Management
PP 5328 Business Functions of Nonprofit Organizations
PP 5336 Fund Development and Nonprofit Sustainability
PP 5341 Public Opinion and Democratic Processes
PP 5364 Public Finance and Budgeting
PP 5372 Capstone Portfolio
PP 5375 Economic Analysis for Public Policy and Management
PP 5376 Applied Quantitative Methods
PP 5379 Principles and Methods of Survey Research I
PP 5387 Surveys for Market Research
PP 5389 Capstone on the Future of Survey Research
PP 5390 Supervised Internship
PSYC 1100 General Psychology I
PSYC 1101 General Psychology II
PSYC 2300 Abnormal Psychology
PSYC 3102 Psychology of Women
PSYC 3300 Abnormal Child Psychology
PUBH 1001 Introduction to Public Health
PUBH 5478 Epidemiology of Substance Use Disorders and Psychiatric Co-Morbidities
PUBH 5480 Clinical and Social Service Systems Research in Alcohol and Addiction Science
PUBH 5501 Foundations of Public Health and Disability
PUBH 5503 Disability Law, Policy, Ethics, and Advocacy
PVS 1000 Biomedical Issues in Pathobiology
RSCH 5341 Advanced Research: Program Evaluation
SAPL 101 Environmental Sustainability of Food Production in Developed Countries
SE 5000 Introduction to Systems Engineering
SE 5001 Model-Based Systems Engineering
SE 5202 Foundations of Control
SE 5402 Architecture of IoT
SE 5502 Capstone Projects for Systems Engineering
SLHS 3248 Introduction to Audiology
SLHS 4245 Neuroscience of Cognitive and Communication Disorders
SLHS 4245W Neuroscience of Cognitive and Communication Disorders
SOCI 1001 Introduction to Sociology
SOCI 1251 Social Problems
SOCI 1251W Social Problems
SOCI 1501 Race, Class, and Gender
SOCI 1501W Race, Class, and Gender
SOCI 2310 Introduction to Criminal Justice
SOCI 3221 Sociological Perspectives on Asian American Women
SOCI 3901W Urban Sociology
SOCI 3999 Independent Study
SOWK 4100W Senior Seminar in Social Work
SPAN 1010 Contemporary Spanish Culture and Society through Film
SPAN 3206 Contemporary Spain
SPAN 3250 Film in Spain and Latin America
SPAN 4200W Senior Seminar for Spanish Majors: Selected Topics in Hispanic Literature
SPSS 2100E Environmental Sustainability of Food Production in Developed Countries
SPSS 3999 Independent Study
SPTP 5318 Special Topics
STAT 1000Q Introduction to Statistics I
STAT 1100Q Elementary Concepts of Statistics
STAT 6315 Statistical Inference I
SWEL 5350 Comparative Social Welfare Policy between the U.S. and the Second World
TRST 5320 Portfolio Translation Seminar
UNIV 1800 FYE University Learning Skills
UNIV 1820 First Year Seminar
UNIV 3820 Learning Community Advanced Seminar
UNIV 3985 Special Topics
URBN 2400 City and Community in Film
URBN 3901W Urban Sociology
WGSS 1104 Feminisms and the Arts
WGSS 1105 Gender and Sexuality in Everyday Life
WGSS 2217 Women, Gender and Film
WGSS 2217W Women, Gender and Film
WGSS 2250 Critical Approaches to Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
WGSS 3252 Genders and Sexualities
WGSS 3260 Latinas and Media
WGSS 3265W Producing Intersectional, Interdisciplinary and Transnational WGSS Scholarship